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More African Adventures, Part 8: A Relaxing Day at Gibbs Farm

January 15, 2019

A Relaxing Day at Gibbs Farm

Today was our "vacation from our vacation day," a day to enjoy a peaceful time with no itinerary.  The torrential rains that had started last night lasted into the early afternoon, so after a great breakfast buffet, we had a lazy morning reading and relaxing in our cozy cabin and in the lodge rooms where a nice fire was lit in the fireplace and the resident cats were happy to provide a cuddle.

In the afternoon, we took a guided tour of the ten-acre organic fruit, herb, and vegetable gardens that provide all of the produce used in the fabulous meals here at Gibbs Farm.  

The farm's animals also contributed to the feasts, and Rob especially enjoyed meeting them all.  There were dozens of hens who supply the lodge with about 200 eggs per day.  Cows supply the milk.  And I'm guessing that the pigs supply the bacon, but I tried not to think about that because the piglets were so cute. 

There was even a "goat tower," a tall, round tower with a wooden ramp spiraling around it for the goats to climb.

Rob's favorite moments were spent petting the two donkeys, Sophie and her son Sebastian, a frisky youngster who bounced happily up and down the path.

It was a welcome day of quiet pleasures.  We highly recommend Gibbs Farm to anyone visiting this part of the world!

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